Healthcare Financing

Financing for Medical Practice Growth

Working capital and expansion loans are as important for medical practices as they are for any small business. At Skyline Commercial Capital, we offer healthcare financing for a variety of medical practices. These include veterinary clinics, dental offices, and chiropractics. Here is a look at the programs we offer.

Acquiring Another Practice

We offer up to 100% financing for qualified medical professionals seeking to expand. This could be via buying out a partner or acquiring a nearby practice.

Leasing Medical Equipment

To avoid the cost of purchasing equipment outright, you can lease it instead. Our team can cover up to 50% of the soft costs for leasing and can offer a loan to get you started.

Consolidating Monthly Debt

Monthly payments to multiple lenders can be a hassle to organize. With a single loan through Skyline Commercial Capital, you can pay off your other debts within a week. We offer 24-hour approval turnaround.

Working Capital Terms

Healthcare financing comes with terms of up to 72 months with no upfront payments. This loan is not reported to personal credit bureaus, protecting your own credit score. We take applications up to $75,000, and up to $250,000 with full financials.

Find Out More

Contact our office to learn more about growing your medical practice. We can speak with you directly or send you an application to get started.