Purchase Order financing

Reach Your Business’s Full Potential With Purchase Order Financing

If your company is a wholesaler, retailer or even a manufacturer of merchandise, you may have experienced the challenge of financing your initial investment in products. This means that even when you know there is a demand for your goods, you may not be able to meet that demand. At Skyline Commercial Capital, we offer purchase order financing that equips businesses like yours with the funds they need to reach their full potential.

Purchase Order Financing Basics

This form of financing allows companies to borrow money to pay their suppliers. Once you have sold and received payment for merchandise, you can then repay this loan, having overcome a tricky gap in working capital. Numerous types of businesses may benefit from these loans, as long as they sell finished merchandise.


There are multiple advantages of using purchase order loans:

  • Avoid depleting your working capital so you can cover unexpected expenses
  • Order larger quantities of materials so you can increase your profits
  • Expand your customer base
  • Get merchandise into customers’ hands on time

If you are ready to take the next big step in your business’s growth, give Skyline Commercial Capital a call. We are eager to discuss your financing options and to see how your company may flourish with a bit of extra working capital.