How To Be a More Conscientious Consumer

In our increasingly interconnected world, more people are beginning to think critically about where they choose to spend and donate their money. These choices can be influenced by a number of factors, including which social causes are most important to them. Becoming a more conscientious consumer takes effort and practice and can feel overwhelming. To make the early steps easier, keep reading to learn about some causes to consider.

Supporting Veterans

There are many ways to support people who have served this country, from volunteering with Veterans Affairs to donating to veterans’ charities. Another great way to support veterans living in your community is to shop at a veteran-owned business. Online directories can help point you in the direction of restaurants and shops owned and operated by veterans, as well as those that help hire veterans who have retired from the military.

Shop with B Corporations

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet a rigorous set of standards for accountability. This could mean demonstrated commitment to responsible manufacturing, verifiable environmental initiatives, working towards a more equitable society for all, or a focus on a number of other causes.

Make Smart Donations

Some people give back to their community by donating time, money, or goods to different organizations. Those looking to make sure their donations are going as far as possible need to do some research before choosing which organizations to give their donations to.

Not all charitable organizations are the same. Some have costly overhead and administrative expenses that take money away from the causes they serve, while others might be profiting off donations in a manner disproportionate to the services they claim to provide. Look to third-party charity evaluators to learn what percentage of donations go to the people a group claims to help versus administrative costs so you can be sure that your donations are doing the maximum good.

Buy Local

A great way to be a conscientious consumer is to support your local economy. One of the easiest ways to do this is to consider purchasing products from a local farmers’ market rather than from a big-box grocery store. In addition to supporting local farmers, this kind of product has a lesser impact on the environment caused by the shipping process and is guaranteed to be the freshest available.

Making the move to a more mindful mode of consumption doesn’t happen overnight. Deciding what causes matter most to you and how to best support them takes time, but there are many resources available to help you make those decisions and start using your economic power to exact important societal change.