How To Start a Successful Distribution Business

Of all the various industries that make modern life possible, one may shine brighter than the rest. The transportation industry serves as an important part of other industries because it serves as one phase of the all-important supply chain. The supply chain is crucial for any business, but even more crucial for businesses that sell products. Because of the demand for distributors to meet the needs of every business model under the sun, participating in the transportation industry can be a lucrative career move. These tips can help you thrive as a distributor.


An important part of any new business is funding. Distributors typically need access to many of the same financial options as any other business. On top of that, however, businesses in the transportation industry rely heavily on cargo vehicles such as semi-trucks or freight ships. These can be incredibly costly. However lucrative a career in distribution may be, smaller businesses often can’t afford that kind of equipment out of pocket, so access to equipment financing or leasing is essential.


While all businesses rely on the supply chain, they have countless options to fill their needs. Building a customer base will require reaching out to businesses to sell them on your company. To that end, it’s important to consider what you have to offer and, more importantly, which industries rely upon those products. However, having clients come to you is just as important, so marketing your business is crucial. Satisfied customers can generate positive reviews and testimonials that will help assure potential new clients. Therefore, providing excellent service is important to both retain existing clients and expand your roster of customers.

Cash Flow

Another crucial part of any business is cash flow. While earning a profit is important, it’s even more important to have adequate cash flow to cover all of your operational costs. For distributors, this can be a problem, because payment is typically received after the fact, rather than at the time of services rendered. Ensuring that you have adequate cash flow can be tricky, but invoice factoring can help by providing immediate payment at a small discount from a third party (the factoring company) for your outstanding invoices.