Referral & Broker Program

Come Work With Us in Our Referral and Broker Program

Salespeople come in all shapes and sizes and from all locations and backgrounds. Here at Skyline Commercial Capital, we understand the diversity of the applicant pool and encourage it. However, we expect to see at least five characteristics from every applicant of our referral and broker program to ensure that they are qualified not only for the mental side of the position but also the charismatic side. The five traits we expect include:

  • Confidence
  • Sense of humor
  • Organizational skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Friendly disposition

Each of the above traits aids in the necessary relationship-building process of sales. While there may be financial terms or procedures that applicants should be aware of, they can be taught, but personality is typically built-in.

Why Apply To Skyline Commercial Capital

We want you to apply, and we need you to apply. Salespeople are the bread and butter of our business. We understand the integral role that you play in our success, and we want to play a role in yours. However, we know that just saying we support you is not enough, which is why we offer several benefits that you’ll be hard-pressed to find at other Financial firms.

  • Innovative commission structure
  • Reciprocal referrals for returning clients
  • Protections for referrals and brokers
  • Continuing relationships for high-quality professional development
  • Personal lending capabilities and resources for quick funding and approval

Beyond benefits on the page, you should know that we are committed to your future success when you work with our team. We will do everything we can to enrich your career and future with the company.

Apply Today

We are motivated to find new team members. If you believe that you would be a good fit with us, do not hesitate to contact a Skyline Commercial Capital representative to fill out an application and schedule an interview. We look forward to meeting you.